Sales Strengths

Traditional sales training methodologies don’t cater for you as an individual, they generally treat all learners, the same – but thankfully we’re not all the same!


Whether you were taught by your manager, a colleague or a trainer, it’s doubtful that what you heard, saw or tried was explicitly designed for you. So if you’ve ever wondered why you are particularly successful at parts of the sale and yet not so good at others, you’re not alone.


We all have a unique set of talents, things that come naturally to us, and we also have lesser talents that are less intuitive.  For instance, you might be comfortable and adept at ‘discovering the needs’ of your prospective customers, yet when you get to ‘closing’ it feels real ‘clunky’, and your sales results suffer accordingly.  


Most likely you have been ignoring the ‘clunkiness’, of such situations. Subsequently, you’ve noticed that your results have stayed pretty much the same, at best.


The magic lies in your uniqueness - bringing your talents to life, to develop your abilities during those less comfortable elements of the sale and magnifying them where you're already at ease.


The answers for you lie in discovering your top talents and working on them to create strengths.


My invitation to you is to book a time to have a short Zoom conversation with me so that you can start to discover where your talents lie and how you can best utilise them.


Click here to access my calendar or contact me.  


I look forward to hearing from you.


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