Leadership Strengths

Traditional Management and Leadership training generally doesn't set Managers up for success.  The assumption that all Managers and Leaders can learn to conduct their role in the same way, is highly flawed and results in numerous, less than positive outcomes.


When you first became a manager or leader, there is a really good chance that you went into the role with little help or training.


Some have management and leadership forced upon them.  If you did have an inclination as to how the job should be done, it came from your Manager, who was successful, and they tried to impart their style and methodology onto you.


Some Managers, fortunate enough to receive training are usually bamboozled by a plethora of theories based on how they should behave, interact and develop others.


You perhaps have found that there are some elements of Management and Leadership that come fairly naturally, and yet there are others that feel unwieldy.


It’s not that you don’t want to be the best Manager and Leader that you can, it’s just that you can’t do the job like others.  Where others excel at developing individuals within the team you don’t.  You instead might feel more comfortable with managing the budget and reporting results accurately or creating a sense of ‘team’ where high levels of trust exist


What the very best Managers/Leaders do is focus on their natural talents, and harness them to turn what comes naturally into real strengths.  They are unique, they don’t emulate others.  Just take a look at these great leaders from the 20th Century and try to work out what commonality they have:



The chances are that you didn't come up with much in the way of commonality in their behaviour, methodologies or delivery.


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